MIDEM - German Showcase 01/24/2011

Dear Musiclovers,

we are happy to announce the first German Showcase at MIDEM.

Initiative Musik, GEMA, VUT Sued, Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, c/o pop Cologne and Berlin Partner are looking forward to meeting you at

See you there!
Ina Keßler

Showcase Morrisons Irish Pub

Showtime: 20.30  -  The Astronaut’s Eye
Psssssst, listen carefully...when Julian, Sebastian, Jonathan, Malte and Lucas start with their indie beats and pop songs, you will find little secrets hidden in their lyrics. The Astronaut‘s Eye have already played as support for Cold War Kids and at the Stereo Mondo Festival together with Bonaparte and Get Well Soon. If you also like those bands you will fall for the five guys from Mannheim.

Showtime: 21.30  -  YA-HA
The story of YA-HA sounds like a hippie song from the 70s. Lead singer Jana was visiting her father on a horse ranch in California and started to write songs there. Then she flew back to Munich and started to work with Flo in his studio. The outcome of this project are sweet German lyrics mixed with 80s sounds, indie-pop and guitar music – and thankfully no line-dancing in sight.

Showtime: 22.30  -  Abby
New York, London or San Francisco – those are the cities where most of the bands who get hyped are from. But what is hype worth after all? The five guys from Abby don’t really care. They just want to do what the do best: make music. The hottest thing from the Pop Academy in Baden-Württemberg, Abby and their catchy indie songs might well be about to add Mannheim to the list of legendary band birthplaces. Well, you never know!                                         www.myspace.com/abbyband

Showtime: 23.30  -  Sonia Brex
Sonia Brex studied piano and classical music in Catania, Italy but left her Sicilian homeland in 1990 for the city which changed the course of history when the wall was toppled. The German capital was also home to many of her musical idols – Einstürzende Neubauten and Nick Cave for example. She worked on multimedia projects at the Akademie der Künste and in collaboration with Berlin-based artists Rechenzentrum and Sonarkollektiv. „Naif“ is her debut album on Piranha.                                                                            www.soniabrex.de

Showtime: 00.30  -  Brandt Brauer Frick
Three guys. Three ties. Electronic, Dance and Disco. Brandt Brauer Frick. There can not be a better combination. The first album “You make me real” came out on the legendary K7! Label. They even bring acoustics into Techno and recently performed a show supported by an orchestra. You feel they have an art background and learned from oldschool loop techno to create something new.

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