Ina Kessler

Managing Director of the Initiative Musik


E: mail (at) initiative-musik (dot) de

Since opening our offices, we already provided support for more than 2.000 artists and infrastructure projects. But funding isn’t the only reason for having the Initiative Musik. More than anything, we want to create structures that will promote the music industry and individual artists. We are the stage, microphone, amplifier and fan club – all in one!

The Initiative Musik Office

We are located at the creative center of Berlin. The doors to our offices in a charming courtyard are always open to both applicants and other interested individuals. We are your first and personal point of contact for any questions you might have about funding. We always keep our Web site – – up-to-date to make it easy for you to stay informed about our offerings, current issues, and dialog boards. Consider us at your service when it comes to any questions you might have about applications and your own ideas.

What do we do?
The main office is responsible for structuring all tasks of the Initiative Musik. Among other things, we check on the plausibility of applications and ensure that they meet all the formal criteria. We prepare the decisions for the supervisory board, enter into funding contracts with recipients, accompany you until your work is completed, and process all financial support together with you. Thereafter, we check to see whether everything has gone according to plan, whether the funds have been put to proper use, and that all documents are in order. If at some point you begin to wonder whether you can use your support funds to purchase a Rolls Royce, please just take a short moment to give us a call instead. If your application doesn’t really fit our parameters, we might just know about another support provider for you.

Our support
We will continue to adapt our support to the needs of the market and to use feedback to meet the demands of our applicants. It’s very important now, at the beginning, to set our course and make appropriate adjustments. Taking advantage of the wealth of experience embodied by the members of our supervisory board and additional experts, we want to distribute funding for the music industry as quickly and non-bureaucratically as possible. But we can’t do everything – there just aren’t enough funds for that!

The office – the central point of contact for applicants

The Initiative Musik – More than just support
We don’t just accompany you throughout your projects; we also implement our own, too. One of our many projects is to raise more money to be used as support funds. We want to encourage not only music industry companies but also private donors to champion, for example, the next generation of professional musicians. As a rule, some of the Initiative Musik’s projects will be structural in nature. They will always be aimed at the public good and therefore not focused on bringing in a profit.

Dialog Forums
We want to have expert panels to clarify open questions, initiate new topics, and foster collaborations. To do so, we need, for example, to exchange information about the less-than-transparent licensing regulations in the Asian market and to incorporate regional music industry supporters in national activities.
We invite you to visit our homepage to gain further information about our already operating dialog forums.