The Initiative Musik gGmbH – the supervisory board

Prof. Dieter Gorny


Chairman of the Board of the German Music Industry Association


Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Initiative Musik gGmbH


“Music isn’t just a cultural asset. It’s also an important factor in our country’s economy and image. For this reason, it was important to initiate the dialog that lasted nearly two years between Bernd Neumann, Germany’s federal minister for culture and media, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, and the music industry. The Initiative Musik provides a great opportunity to intensify the dialog between decision makers in the music industry and the world of politics. Doing so goes far beyond being merely a financial instrument. And it is exactly this communication that must also be carried forward to the European level. For that, the Initiative Musik offers the ideal platform.”

Mark Chung


Chairman of the Board of the German Association of Independent Music Companies (VUT)


Member of the Supervisory Board of the Initiative Musik gGmbH



“The Initiative Musik is a welcome step forward toward improving the collaboration between the music industry, artists, and the political community. In comparison to the situation in competing markets, such as France, Scandinavia, the Benelux countries, Canada, and England, the quality of this collaboration in Germany has until now been clearly in need of improvement. Germany’s music industry is predominantly composed of small and mid-sized companies. Our job now is to find funding instruments that are suited to supporting the music industry in its attempts to improve its competitiveness of the international stage.”


Mike Heisel


Chairman of the Board of the German Music Producers’ Association
Managing Director of CMC – Consulting, Management, Communication


Member of the Supervisory Board of the Initiative Musik gGmbH


“Popular music is an important part of Germany’s cultural life. With the Initiative Musik, for the first time, the German Parliament is ensuring that contemporary German pop music gets the recognition, support, and funding it needs. Now it has started, and this is just the beginning.”


Jens Michow



Managing director & president of the Federal Association of the Concert and Event Industry (BDKV)


Member of the Supervisory Board of the Initiative Musik gGmbH



“Over the last several years, the German film industry has shown how state investments can have a positive effect on the well-being of an industry sector and, at the same time, on the well-being of the entire economy. The German promotions industry hopes that, over the medium term, the Initiative Musik will provide an equal level of support to the music industry. German promoters of concerts and tours are in particular need of support when it comes to the costs arising from putting younger artists on stage and supporting their development. More than anything, the younger generation of artists has been affected by structural transformations in the music industry and, today, it is more dependent than ever on a concert industry in need of investment.”


Bernd-Wolfgang Weismann


Head of Unit at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi)


Member of the Supervisory Board of the Initiative Musik gGmbH



“In the framework of the federal government’s Initiative for the Cultural and Creative Industries, we support the great creative potential of the music industry in the hopes of strengthening its abilities to compete at the international level. The Initiative Musik is an ideal supplement to this goal in that it provides a way to support a number of things, including young, up-and-coming artists and export activities. Over the long term, such support might bring about a situation with steady incomes and jobs. The creative industry is an important engine of growth for Germany as a place to do business.”


Dr. Ralf Weigand


Composer and Producer, Member of the Supervisory Board of the German Music Authors’ Society (GEMA), Managing Director of PLAN 1 MEDIA GmbH & Co. KG


Member of the Supervisory Board of the Initiative Musik gGmbH 



A dynamic cultural landscape requires not only inspiration and creative energy but also an economic and material basis as fertile ground. In this respect Initiative Musik is able to make a great contribution in the long-neglected fields of Pop, Rock, Jazz and Crossover by giving important impulses through many different types of funding and by supporting artists’ activities. Since its foundation it has become a pioneering organization in supporting and funding regional and national music culture. Therefore it is now practically impossible to imagine our country’s professional music scene without Initiative Musik. And since for every piece of music that is created there are authors – composers, lyricists – and possibly also publishers, it is an honour for the GEMA as their representative to provide support in the form of both personnel and funding.