Goals of the Initiative Musik

The goal of the Initiative Musik is to promote and support:

  • young musical talent
  • the integration of individuals with an immigrant background
  • the dissemination of German music abroad

We offer the following two programs:

  • Artist Support
  • Infrastructure Support

We also initiate our own projects, organize dialog forums, work together with other German states and regions, and are active on the European scene as members of the European Music Office in Brussels.

Q & A about the Initiative Musik

1.    Who started the Initiative Musik?

  • The Federal Government and its Commission for Culture and Media (BKM) by resolution of the German Federal Parliament have allocated an annual total of € 5 million in 2016.
  • Initiative Musik is supported by the German Society for the Administration of Neighbouring Rights (GVL), the German Music Council (Deutscher Musikrat), and the German Music Authors’ Society (GEMA). 
  • The supervisory board is composed of 12 members, with six from the music industry and six from the political sphere. The board makes all decisions regarding applications for support. Dieter Gorny is the chairman of the supervisory board, and the vice-chairmen are Steffen Kampeter. Ina Kessler is the managing director.

2.    How long has the Initiative Musik been around?

  • The initiative was founded in October 2007. Its office was established and began operations in March/April 2008. Since then, 900 artists and  infrastructure projects have received funding (March 2014).

3.    What are the goals of the Initiative Musik?

  •  Support for rock, pop, and jazz in terms of the following:
    • young talent
    • disseminating German music abroad
    • individuals with an immigration background
    • music venues

4.    What are the functions of the Initiative Musik?

  • Advising applicants
  • Administering, processing, and reviewing applications for suppor
  • Initiating and executing its own projects
  • Building and maintaining networks and collaborations that strengthen the music industry