Bernd Neumann

Member of the German Parliament

Minister of State to the Federal Chancellor
Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media

Greeting by State Minister Bernd Neumann on the occasion

of the Initiative Musik Press Conference June 9, 2008

The Initiative Musik gGmbH is the first German funding program for popular music at the national level. Over the past several months, the supervisory board of the Initiative Musik has been responsible for developing and fine-tuning all contract conditions, and now artists and companies are officially invited to apply for funding. This is an important and – in particular, in comparison to other countries – much-needed starting signal.
I am especially happy that the federal government and the music industry have been able to work together to find a common method of supporting artists and their creative environment. The Initiative Musik won’t claim to be able to solve all the structural problems currently facing the music industry. At the same time, though, the new initiative is evidence that the federal government has recognized the importance of the cultural industries, whose position has long been underestimated.
The new initiative recognizes not only the economic force of popular music, but also its cultural and social significance. Pop music plays a defining role in the creation of identity and contributes tremendously to the appreciation of German culture both at home and abroad.
Our goal is to contribute to the quality and variety of Rock, Pop, and Jazz music in Germany in this sense as well. I wish the Initiative Musik much success in its funding endeavors and ongoing work. It can be assured of my continued political support and that of the music industry as well.