We put together a short playlist of the german acts that are playing at SXSW this year. You will find a little bit of everything… from hip-hop to pop to rock music. Discover the german festival’s artists & enjoy!


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RnB/ Rap from Hamburg 

At first sight, the sound of the German language and the soulful vibe of R&B shouldn't get along. But then there's Tarin Wilda aka Ace Tee who make it sound so easy that you won't dare to argue against it. The impact of her video "Bist du down?" was sensible beyond her hometown Hamburg, from Vogue to The Fader, NPR and The Guardian. The young lady with Ghanaian roots is ready to bring "Tee Time" to the whole world.




Singer/ Songwriter from Berlin

Songwriter Alice Phoebe Lou started her career on the streets of Berlin where she quickly gathered a dedicated following. Suddenly the young lady with the powerful voice was able to fill middle-sized clubs without a big label behind her. Years later, she's still managing her career on her own terms and that recently also resulted in her song "She" appearing on the shortlist for the Academy Awards.



(c) Janine Kühn


Electronica from Munich

If everything's about music, why not make music out of everything? Berlin-based producer Andrew Applepie loves to build his futuristic electropop out of a variety of instruments, from traditional guitars, to kitchenware and exotic contraptions he found while travelling. The result might sound heavily sample-influenced but it's Applepie himself who recorded everything. Expect ambitious everyday adventures here.




Psychedelia/ Krautpop from Cologne

From the haircuts to the shirts, from the sound to their visual representation - it appears as if Cologne's Blackberries shouldn't belong in these times but rather in the late 1960s. But once you experience the furious four-piece live on stage you immediately sense that this isn't just another superficial retro charade. Blackberries are living and breathing music enthusiasts that tend to loose themselves in their krautrocking psychedelic anthems. The German tradition of psychedelic rock is in good hands with these guys.






Twisted Techno from Berlin

Simplicity might be tempting for many techno producers but David Gtronic is keen to add musical twists and turns to it whenever there’s an opportunity. Known for his driven, percussive sound that often teams up with flourish organic elements the restless artist already released on labels as Vatos Locos, Suara, Monique Musique and Chelsea Hotel Records. A joyful celebration of techno is guaranteed at his set.




Alternative Pop/ Rock from Berlin

Playing organ in a Frank Zappa cover band, being in a power pop girlgroup and even recording in German despite being Swedish: Emma Elisabeth's biography already got more stories to tell than the ones of many artists. Still, it feels as if the catchy jangle indie-pop of her 2017 debut EP "We Gotta Talk" is as honest as it could be. Somewhere between The Bangles and Patti Smith she found a unique voice to tell her authentic stories.



(c) Philipp Gladsome


Indie-Pop from Berlin

After performing together for almost a decade now psychedelic pop outfit Fenster has become a solid force in the German underground and beyond as their music remains in a constant state of evolution. If legendary shoegazers Slowdive specifically asked you to be your support act, you did a few things right. Fenster just recorded their fourth album called "The Room" and it'll probably surprise us once again.




Afrofutoristic Bass from Dusseldorf

The African influence on Western pop is in full swing and Düsseldorf-based Gato Preto do everything they can to keep that fire burning. Their sound is a tropical bass thunderstorm of candy rain, riding on a wave of traditional rhythms with the approach of the contemporary afro-futuristic scene. The life-embracing energy and power of producer Lee Bass and vocalist Gata Misteriosa isn't going to get tamed anytime soon.




Songwriter from Berlin

For a decade now British artist Gemma Ray has been a constant creative force to measure with in Berlin's ever-changing musical landscape. She previously collaborated with the late great Alan Vega of Suicide, the iconic Sparks, Howe Gelb, and members of Nick Cave's band The Bad Seeds. New musical adventures by the forewoman of hypnotizing psychedelic folk arrives via a new album in September 2018.




Shoegaze/ Noisepop from Berlin

The cinematic shoegaze of the Berlin-based trio tends to sound like a serendipitous encounter between The Cure and Ride. Experts can also spot slices of My Bloody Valentine in the hazy sound of the dynamic band but in the end it's always about them and their consequent audiovisual vision. Their latest album "Ringthing” underlines the ambitious approach and doesn't need to hide its quality from the big influences.



(c) Maks Pallas

(c) Andre Habermann


Experimental-Pop from Munich

What's a structure anyway? Highly subjective, right? "I had a good time ignoring popular music", confirms Cico Beck when speaking about "Meshes", the most recent release of Joasihno, the project he's running together with Nico Sierig. The sound and vision of Bavarian producer Beck is all about electronic exploration, pushing his own limits and partly also fun for destruction, it appears. Joasihno will continue to seek for the extraordinary in their sound and it's pretty safe to say that this adventurous ride will leave all structural obstacles behind quite easily.




Singer/ Songwriter-Pop from Berlin 

The story behind "The Essential John Moods", the debut LP by Jonathan Jarzyna of Fenster starts at the Iberian coast where he spent the summer hiking along, armed with mini-guitar on his back and a copy of Garage Band on his phone. Although Jarzyna later added a few additional instruments, the rough nature of this trip still shines through the LP that echoes the 60s and 70s soft rock/ folk troubadours who inspired him.




Rap from Bingen

The world of Kelvyn Colt isn't defined by borders, languages and genre limitations. The well travelled artist, who says that he is ‘from the internet’, was born in Germany but raised bilingually by a Nigerian father and his German mother. Today, Colt constantly travels back and forth between Berlin and London to spread his urban sound, a globally thinking 'state of the art' mixture of trap, grime and R&B.




Pop from Cologne

Everything about Kim Petras screams 'global stardom', that much is for sure. From the catchy contemporary pop anthems, to the stylish music videos, support by Paris Hilton and Charli XCX and Millions of stream: It's the time to shine for the young lady who grew up in Cologne. The fact that she's the youngest person to receive gender reassignment surgery at the age of 16 is just a marginalia in this unique biography.



(c) Patrick Morarescu


Electronic Pop from Munich 

Despite running for two decades now, electronic outfit Lali Puna and their leading lady Valerie Trebeljahr constantly push the character of the project forward. Their most recent sixth album "Two Windows" delivers haunting sounds that follow the footsteps of bands like Caribou and Mount Kimbie. Trebeljahr wants to forge emotional connections via her music and thanks to her sensitive notion she surely succeeds.




DJane from Berlin

Anastasia Filipovna is not only co-founder of acclaimed web radio institution Berlin Community Radio but also a dedicated lover of tight beats, sharp raps and exotic grooves. Her alias Linda Lee delivers mixtapes that are always driven by a certain unpredictable character and a love for the underground’s next big thing. Every set is a new adventure for her and the listener but those trips deserve your  articipation.




Avant-Pop / Experimental from Berlin

Ever since Mary Ocher moved to Berlin in 2007 she became a crucial part of the local creative scene. Musician, songwriter, poet, visual artist, director and feminist cosmopolitan - Ocher is all of these things and way more. Her latest album, "The West Against The People" was released on Klangbad (of Krautrock pioneers Faust) and is a testament of the still very restless creative and headstrong artist.




Techno Marching Band from Hamburg

MEUTE is the triumphant and pumping proof that the clash of musical worlds can result in something truly unique. They rework famous deep house and techno tunes with the help of brass and drums and an undeniable talent for showmanship, making the audience experience beloved floor fillers in a way they never experienced them before. Out of that simple notion MEUTE created something truly unique. But most of it: they created a joyful celebration of live music, dance, creative madness and much needed positive vibrations.



(c) Steffi Rettinger


Electronica from Berlin

In Berlin's constantly changing and evolving electronic music scene producer and DJ Monoloc represents a darker and grittier side of the nocturnal club cosmos. His tracks play with the expectations of the audience by being quite hard and uncompromising as well as surprisingly multilayered at the same time. Praise from local heroes like Dixon, Âme and Rødhåd as well as international festival performances underline that.




Futuristic Pop from Berlin

In the face of our struggling world, Berlin-based duo OY dreamed themselves away to "Space Diaspora", a future planet on which humans finally developed the ability to learn from their mistakes. Their latest album is a space opera, built around the story of that planet and carried by an electrifying mixture of jazzy synthpop with a soulful cosmic notion that really makes you believe in a utopian future.



(c) Sash Seurat Samson


Electric DJane from Berlin 

There's a hypnotic vibe in "Die Dimension", the Perel debut release on acclaimed label DFA that just leaves the listener fascinated. The cosmic maelstrom of producer Annegret Fiedler and her ability to seamlessly blending Disco and House with belting Techno gives the sound of Perel a complexity that works beyond the club floor. Perel really adds an adventurous new element to the electro scene of Berlin.




Electronica from Berlin

Holding a residency at Berghain’s legendary Panorama Bar surely isn't the worst thing to have on your DJ vita. Ever since Israeli producer Roi Perez moved to Berlin in 2013 he slowly but steady became a constant in the local scene. His long, eclectic sets really bring the concept of a musical journey to the dancefloor, keeping the listeners excited about what grooving twist awaits them behind the next corner.




Afro-Kraut-Beat from Mannheim

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride through the fields of psychedelic grooves, afrobeat, German Krautrock traditions and contemporary electronica. Sea Moya take the best from Can to Toro Y Moi and build their own individual cosmos out of it. Like their music the band are restless travellers as their previous EP was recorded in the woods of the Baltic States and the upcoming debut album was written in the Italian Alps.




Pop from Berlin

The love of Lucas UFO for psychedelic melodies shouldn't surprise one as he's a steady force behind Berlin-based dream pop heroes Fenster. With his alter ego World Brain the French musician takes his love for catchy melodies with retro flavour to new heights. Being an expert when it comes to the clash of delicate lo-fi charm and ambitious songwriting World Brian creates something fresh with a familiar notion.