Wunderbar - German Acts #SXSW2015


Fjaak, Berlin


Modeselektor have hot tipped them to be the next big thing: Fjaak, an electronic music trio from Berlin. In a dark, chaotic and dirty cellar at quite an early age, the friends began to create all types of music made with microphones, guitars and drums. After getting in touch with the Berlin-underground-techno-scene, days and nights started being all about music. Whether it was chopping beats on the MPC in the morning hours or studying manuals, the internet, vinyl stores and Schneiders Buero. Starting to gain worldwide attention in 2009 with an alternative and boundary pushing take on classic techno, house and breakbeat they have meanwhile started their own party series based on all hardware setups and vinyl only – Machine Vibes. Starting off with openair events in Berlin, Machine Vibes now takes place in carefully selected venues around Europe. In 2014 they signed to 50WEAPONS and have since released two techno EPs. Constantly searching for new ways of expressing their unique musical identity, Fjaak's music is mostly based on hardware jams capturing both the soul of a one-take recording and the energetic fusion of three individuals.

Management/Booking: Katrin Hall, hall(at)monkeytownmusic(dot)com

Recent release: "Oben/Unten" (Jan. 2015)

Label: 50WEAPONS
Website: www.facebook.com/fjaak / www.monkeytown-live.com/fjaak / www.50weapons.com/artists

Milky Chance, Kassel

Milky Chance

Milky Chance is a German folk duo from Kassel with reggae and electronic music influences made up of Clemens Rehbein (vocals and instrumentals) and Philipp Dausch (production and DJing). They met in an "Advanced Music Course" at the start of eleventh grade, and they creatively gelled right off the bat. The boys built a tiny studio in the quiet house Clemens grew up in. Weaving together elegant electronic production with acoustic guitars and lilting, lush vocals, they harnessed a style unequivocally their own. Over the course of two weeks in 2013, they cut their full-length debut, "Sadnecessary", on a minimalist setup, spending hours getting the settings just right. After cutting the tracks, Clemens and Philipp uploaded the first single "Stolen Dance" to YouTube. With its bright handclaps, plaintive acoustic guitars, and his own gravelly smooth delivery, the song became a viral sensation, eventually racking up over 50 million-plus YouTube views and made them the "most blogged about act" on HypeMachine for that month. Peaking at No. 1 on charts in countries such as Austria, France, Belgium (Wallonia), Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. The band made their TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in October 2014, and also won the European Border Breakers Award that month.

Management: Björn Deparade, bjoern(at)wasted-talent(dot)com
Recent release: “Sadnecessary” (Oct. 2014)
Label: Republic Records / Lichtdicht Records
Booking: Jbeau Lewis, jbeau(at)united-talent(dot)com
Website: www.milkychanceofficial.com

Matias Aguayo, Cologne

Matias Aguayo

Matias Aguayo is a Chilean-born and German-raised DJ and Live-Act. Kompakt, the legendary Cologne-based techno label, has supported and released his music since 2001. In  Buenos Aires he formed an arts and music project and street party happenings, in Cologne he threw underground parties. Later he created the Label Cómeme. The primary focus for building his music is his voice.


Recent release: “The Visitor” (2013) & “Legende” (Oct. 2014)
Label: Cómeme/Kompakt
Management: Rachel Graham, rachel(at)passeprojects(dot)com
Booking: bruno(at)kompakt(dot)fm
Website: www.musicacomeme.com

Ajnascent, Berlin

Ajnascent feat. NKSR

Ajnascent is a multi-genre electronic project by Berlin-based producer and multi-instrumentalist. Konstantin Rohleder. Heavily inspired by traditional Eastern and African music as well as jazz and post-rock, the project focuses on taking the perks of the spontaneity of improvisational music as well as the high sound quality of pre-produced music, melting them to bring a rich sonic diversity as well as a visceral sense of immediacy to the stage.

Management: Nikolas Schriefer, info(at)nikolasschriefer(dot)de
Website: www.ajnascent.com

Amsterdamn, Mannheim


Oliver Wimmer – primarily working as a singer and songwriter but also as a producer and guitarist – and Ali Grumeth – a producer who has also earned his living as a live-guitarist – started composing and writing RnB songs, aiming to play them with as much dirt as possible. With the internationally known drummer Daniel Mudrack (Mudi), they are the soul-rock-trio Amsterdamn! from Mannheim.

Management: Indegoot, Michael Lurato, miurato(at)indegoot(dot)com
Website: www.press.amsterdamn-music.com / www.amsterdamn-music.com

Boris, Berlin


DJ Boris is kind of a charismatic, multifunctional weapon in the Berlin club life. His musical roots reach back to the mid 80s, when he lived in New York for four years where he absorbed the unique spirit of the seminal club Paradise Garage weekend after weekend. From the Club’s mentor Larry Levan Boris learned to believe in his musical intuition as well as a broad musical spectrum, which nowadays ranges from Disco, Hi-NRG, Post-Punk and (Kraut-) Rock to House and Techno, all of which Boris loves to throw into one set.

Booking: kathrin(at)ostgut(dot)de , Phone: +49 30.293602-46
Website: ostgut.de/booking/artist/boris

Christian S, Cologne

Christian S


Chinese whisper’s favourite DJ for years, Christian S has been around since the mid 1990s, getting his education from the legendary Cologne house underground of that decade. The DJ and producer  played at Panoramabar in Berlin or Nitsa Club in Barcelona, he appears regularly at the renowned Duesseldorf Club “Salon Des Amateurs“, where he makes the crowd dance to sleazy underground house jams, hypnotic wild pitch rhythms and untold psychedelic disco stories.


Recent release: “Pitch Rider” (Feb. 2014)
Label: CómemeManagement: Avril Ceballos, avril(at)musicacomeme(dot)com
Booking: Meri Bonastre, meri(at)musicacomeme(dot)com
Website: www.musicacomeme.com

Marcel Dettmann, Berlin

Marcel Dettmann

Techno as Marcel Dettmann defines it, is neither a movement without history nor wistful nostalgia. In the unrelenting manner of a great DJ, he generates moods and connections that are age- and classless, but never irrelevant or tasteless. Marcel Dettmann links up the art of improvisation with careful preparation and finally gives techno some of its often painfully missed serious physical constitution back.


Booking: robert(at)ostgut(dot)de
Website: www.ostgut.de/booking/artist/marcel-dettmann

Fritz Kalkbrenner, Berlin

Fritz Kalkbrenner

It’s no secret that Fritz Kalkbrenner is a full-fledged soul boy. But with a voice like his, how could things have turned out any other way? Soul music is the foundation of all his musical endeavours. And like an emotional and aesthetic thread that he weaves through his music, soul, in fact, holds together his diverse musical influences such as hip hop, techno and house.

Booking: booking(at)suol.com

Website: www.fritzkalkbrenner.de

Heat, Berlin


The five guys from Berlin have been around in several bands, among them names like The Hara-Kee-Rees or Samsara Blues Experiment. So you bet Heat definitely know how to rock out and roll over with their hefty dose of 70s Rock. On their album „Labyrinth“ – much like Swedish hard rock revivalists Graveyard and Horisont – Heat continue to revel in the buzz of audacious twin guitar solos, Hammond organs and telepathic band jam.


Recent release: “Labyrinth“ (August 2014)
Label: This Charming Man Records
Management: Ryan Tarby tarby.ryan(at)gmail(dot)com , heatgoeson1(at)gmail(dot)com
Booking: Alexander Schulze, info(at)magnificentmusic(dot)de
Website: www.facebook.com/Heatthelights / heatberlin.bandcamp.com



It's been a while since drums had such a groove in Germany. With soul music as his vehicle, Producer IAMNOBODI released his beat collection, »Snapshots From Berlin« via Jakarta, laden with soulful Rhodes arrangements and funky basslines. All ten tracks were influenced by his stay in Berlin, he claims. So it's more than obvious that some of his tracks also work perfectly in a club environment.


Management: Jannis Stuertz / jannis(at)jakartarecords(dot)de

Booking: US, North America / Autonomous Music, jonathan(at)autonomousmusic(dot)org, France / Allo Floride, benoit(at)allofloride(dot)com, Germany / Melt Booking, julian(at)meltbooking(dot)com

L'aupaire, Giessen


He sings from the perspective of a songwriter, but mixes a secret into his songs, tender and approachable at times, and now and then with the guttural brokenness of the old blues-masters. Because Laupert consequently searched and found his very own, we can now experience it. First to Budapest, then to the inside, and now out into the world.

Management: giulia(at)lapidar-management(dot)com
Booking DE: a.puscher(at)modernewelt(dot)de

Booking Rest Of The World: giulia(at)lapidar-management(dot)com

Website: www.facebook.com/laupaire

Lena Willikens, Cologne

Lena Willikens

For the past five years Lena Willikens, musician and DJ from Cologne, has been in charge of long  Friday night parties at Düsseldorf’s free-spirited club/bar “Salon Des Amateurs“. She also runs the monthly radio show “Sentimental Flashback” for Radio Cómeme. As a DJ, radio broadcaster, producer, and Theremin player, Lena has never committed to one style, all is welcome. May it be obscure proto-techno, jacking spirits, industrial boogie, synthesized disco, raw house, or other outernational rhythms.

Recent release: „Phantom Delia” (Jan. 2015)
Label: Cómeme
Management: Avril Ceballos, avril(at)musicacomeme(dot)com
Booking: Meri Bonastre, meri(at)musicacomeme(dot)com
Website: www.musicacomeme.com

Magic Island, Berlin

Magic Island

The electronic dream pop solo set – Magic Island came from Canada to Berlin. Emma Czerny builds mystical, almost too-sweet lo-fi ballads that pull, unassumingly, at all the things everyone knows too well: the feeling of yet another sunrise, the easy melt into – and then the painful fall out – of love and vulnerability.

Recent Release: “Wasted Dawn” (Feb. 2015)
Label: Mansions and Millions
Management/Booking: Anton Teichmann, anton(at)mansionsandmillions(dot)com
Website: www.facebook.com/mmagicislandd / soundcloud.com/magicsparkle

Mantar, Bremen / Hamburg


The two-piece half-German/half-Turkish band Mantar manages to sound even heavier than most five-piece bands. Flogging beats and blackened melodies meet feedback orgies and doom mayhem, like the early Melvins, Motörhead, Darkthrone. Mantar's debut-album “Death By Burning“ is a raw, self-produced, and 100% DIY display of power.

Recent release: “Death By Burning” (Feb. 2014)
Label: Svart Records
Management: doomdomination(at)gmail(dot)com
Booking: Landstreicher Booking, niclas(at)landstreicher-booking(dot)de
Website: www.mantarband.com

Ωracles, Berlin


"They're shit-hot", Pete Doherty said about Ωracles. The 5-guys-band formed in Berlin in 2013 because they shared musical passions: Hairy psychedelia and shoegaze, the streaming repetition of Krautrock and early electronica, Highlife, Afrobeat and its pop derivates and classic West End and SalSoul era Disco have all left their deep mark and find their way into Ωracles.

Management/Booking: Popanz Prod., Benjamin Ketzel, ben(at)popanzproductions(dot)com
Website: www.oraclesparadise.com

A Pony named Olga, Berlin

A Pony Named Olga

Country-Punk and Polka-Billy from Berlin. Don't let the upright bass, greased hair, and sideburns fool you. THIS AIN’T NO ROCKABILLY BAND! It's way too dirty and you won’t wanna swing dance to it. But dance you will. With elements of dirty rock’n’roll, cowpunk, polka and dark humor you won’t know whether to laugh or die. The band is so willing to entertain you, they sacrifice their own well being with ridiculous stage stunts.

Website: www.facebook.com/aponynamedolga

Swearing At Motorists, Hamburg

Swearing At Motorists

Swearing At Motorists is a two-piece rock and roll band composed of Dave Doughman (guitar, vocals) and a drummer (there are almost 40 past members) coming a long way since ist birth as a poster for a fake band in 1994. Relocated to Germany they bring to mind Twin/Tone-era Replacements and early Elvis Costello for their ability to translate their legendarily venomous and soulful live show to record.


Recent release: “While Laughing, The Joker Tells The Truth” (Nov. 2014)
Label: A Recordings Ltd
Management: daviskettering(at)gmail(dot)com
Booking: Nicodemus Agency, Joe Smyth, joe(at)nicodemusagency(dot)com
Website: swearingatmotorists.bandcamp.com

Talking to Turtles, Leipzig

Talking to Turtles

The Turtles Claudia Gröhler and Florian Sievers manage to give the genre "Pop" a dignified touch. Three years after "Oh, The Good Life", the well complimented second album, the Leipzig based duo released "Split", which is full of details and crooked arrangements. The final touch of the mastering came from Dough van Sloun (Bright Eyes, Damien Jurado, Azure).


Recent release: "Split" (Aug. 2014)
Label: DevilDuck Records
Management: joerg(at)devilduckmanagement(dot)de
Booking Kumpels & Friends
Website: www.talkingtoturtles.de

Trixie Trainwreck, Berlin

Trixie Trainwreck

Trixie Trainwreck is a one-girl-band, you can file under country, blues, garage. Having been born in San Francisco, she became a staple in the Berlin rock'n'roll scene with a raw and smokyvocal style reminiscent of 50's R&B, and 60's country. She plays a classic set up of acoustic guitar, bass drum, hihat and kazoo, stomping out a mix of homemade working songs and traveling medlies.


Recent release: “Bound to Ramble” (March 2015)
Label: Squoodge Records
Management/Booking: trinity(dot)sarratt(at)gmail(dot)com
Website: www.reverbnation.com/trixietrainwrecknomanband

Vimes, Cologne


German Electronic duo from Cologne. Vimes comprises of Azhar Syed and Julian Stetter, supported by drummer Johannes Klingebiel for their live shows. With only four songs released so far, Vimes have already received international recognition. In 2014, the band locked themselves away to focus on their highly anticipated debut album with German producer Jochen Naaf (Emeli Sandé, Xul Zolar).

Recent release: "Ential" (Single) (Dec. 2014)
Management: Humming Management, Vivien Mierzkalla, vivien(at)hummingmanagement(dot)com
Booking: Landstreicher Booking, Carlo Luis Ruben Schenk: carlo(at)landstreicher-booking(dot)de
Website: www.vimesmusic.com